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One Card with Many Benefits

The 123HealthyMe Solution

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare for Americans who are tired of being taken advantage of. No one should have to choose between food on their table, gas in their car or their health and wellbeing. And no one should have to wait weeks to see a doctor. 

We place the doctor-patient relationship above all by adopting a direct-care model, free from potential insurance constraints or government programs, with no copays and no deductibles to meet. We strive to provide exceptional healthcare access in a personal, respectful, safe and compassionate environment that puts control back with the patient.

Virtual Care

A Primary Care Physician Dedicated to Your Health


Your Virtual Primary Care Doctor can handle everyday health needs for you and your family. And beyond family medicine, they can give diagnoses, create the right treatment plan for you, and order labs and imaging. They can write and refill prescriptions with just a video visit. Plus, you have access to a dedicated team focused on making sure you get, and stay, healthy by helping you manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma. It’s all online at no cost with membership.

Fast Facts:

Nearly 90% of all doctor, urgent care and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or computer – at a fraction of the cost.

Your subscription does NOT cover these healthcare services: blood draw, lab work, x-rays, MRIs, in person specialist visits or surgery. These items would be covered by your insurance.

Virtual URGENT Care

Total Convenience: Virtual Urgent Care, 24/7

123HealthyMe is your convenient 24-hour access to board certified healthcare providers for non-emergency health issues, from anywhere, 365 days a year. You can call as often as you need and never be charged a per-call, session fee or a copay – EVER! This program is built to support you and your family can use our service anytime on the family plan. Our doctors can help with cold & flu, allergies, respiratory infections, pink eye, birth control, UTI, dermatology, fever, rashes, ear infections and more!

While not meant to replace Primary Care, Urgent Care can help you with immediate support when you need it most. 

Discover our FREE Pharmacy

125+ acute medications are available for pickup FREE in over 64,ooo pharmacies nationwide. Your membership card can also be used outside of our published formulary list on all FDA approved medications, for up to an 80% discount. 

680+ chronic and maintenance medications can be delivered safely and securely right to your home. With a special tracking program, we’ve partnered with USPS to ensure you know where your package is every step of the way. 

The 800+ medications on our formulary list represent the top 90% of most prescribed medications. These medications are FREE to our members in generic formulations with no copays or deductibles to meet. Ever. 

Free Home Delivery on Chronic Medications

Get the top 90% of prescribed medications shipped to your home at no cost!!

Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed for chronic, long-term conditions and are often taken daily. Examples of chronic conditions are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Save on Over-the-Counter Medications

Everyday needs

We know the little things add up each month so we aim to save you money on medications you use every day. Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Fexofenadine, Diphenhydramine and more at a fraction of the price.

Access to Our Diabetes Program

Access to the best Diabetes Program in the nation


Free Glucometer, Lancing Device, and Lancets. 8 of 12 of the most used oral diabetic medications, FREE! SaveOn Diabetes is a game-changing program for members with Diabetes. You get a FREE meter, low cost testing strips, lancets and more.


Options For You and Your Family, No Matter The Size


You + Spouse + Dependents (under age 26)
$ 44


$ 39


$ 34


$ 29

Have Questions?

Our Customer Service Team is here to help any way they can from looking up medications to educating new customers.