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Did you know that 9 out of 10 of every prescription 

written in America today could be FREE?

Download Our Entire List of Over 800+ Medications!

We have an ever-growing list of the most used medications in the country available to you for FREE. Our Pharmacy Team has created a list of the statistically most used drugs by Americans each year. Our list is always growing, covering 90% of the top medications prescribed in America and reviewed each quarter for accuracy as trends evolve. Search our most up to date list today!

How to Get Your Medications


Search Our List Of 800+ Generic Medications
Identify The Medications You Are Taking And Compare What You Paid For Them To FREE With Us!
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Call Our Pharmacy Coaches to Review Your Medications
Our Team is here to help. We'll help find your medications on our formulary list or find therapeutically similar ones with you and your doctor.
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Transfer Your Prescriptions or Your Doctor Can ePrescribe to Us
Transferring prescriptions can be difficult, so our Pharmacy Team does it ALL for you!


We'll Contact You to Confirm Your Order
We always work to ensure everything is accurate. We double check each prescription and securely place your order.


Receive your medication(s) in your local retail pharmacy or delivered safely and securely to your home.
Have Your Medications Shipped To Your Home For FREE!

Get Your Prescription Medications Shipped Right To Your Home!

We have partnered with The United States Post Office to make sure your packages arrive safely and securely. All packages that leave our facility are scanned and tracked through USPS’ state-of-the-art tracking system so that you always know where your package is, until it arrives at your door. Shipping only takes 3-5 business days to almost anywhere in the continental U.S. Rest assured your medications are on their way and are handled with the utmost care.

Have Questions?

Our Customer Service Team is here to help any way they can from looking up medications to educating new customers.