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Build Capital While Keeping Your Workforce Healthy!

Combining provisions in the tax code and the ACA, this initiative provides tax savings to businesses while enhancing benefit offerings to their workforce - AT NO COST! Discover PHI: where healthcare benefits meet private equity strategy.


PHI: Learn How To Build Business Capital While Keeping Your Workforce Healthy

By combining sections of the tax code with the wellness provisions of the ACA, businesses can provide key healthcare and wellness benefits to their workforce at no additional cost with no disruption/change to the current employee benefit offerings. Discover our Preventative Healthcare Initiative (PHI): where private equity strategy meets healthcare benefits for a healthier workforce and bottom line.

The business that qualifies saves on average $500 per employee, per year in FICA tax savings that can be reinvested and used towards growth and expansion. The employee’s tax savings is used to pay for key healthcare and wellness benefits with no change to their take home pay.

Key Healthcare and Wellness Program Benefits for the Employee:

These programs enhance your business' current employee benefit offering at not net cost to the business, and is funded through this tax savings program

Advantages to Business and Workforce

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