There is no denying that spending a little time in the kitchen can go long way in helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, but for many of us is the thought of cooking overwhelming or even scary. Even the most seasoned chefs can fall victim to a case of the kitchen jitters, especially when they’re presented with a new ingredient or technique.  Here are a few tips on how to over come the kitchen jitters and feel at home in your kitchen.


KEEP IT SIMPLE. It is quite easy a truly tasty and satisfying meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Start by keeping in simple and use a recipe with only a few (less than five) ingredients. Pick  a recipe that uses ingredients that you know and are familiar with, so there are less things for you to fear.  Keep healthy cooking experience manageable so you can attack it with a “can do” attitude.


ITS OK TO MAKE MISTAKES. Approach meal time preparation with a sense of humor and curiosity instead of pressure, explore your tastes as you prepare your healthy meal.  Beginners or simply when trying something new its always a good idea to experiment outside of meal time. That way, if your recipe doesn’t quite work out, you won’t end up missing a meal.


DO THE PREP WORK. “Preparation is the key to success.” Get familiar with the recipe you’re looking to prepare. Read it. Make notes. Ask yourself questions, and find your own conclusions prior to giving the recipe a try. Of course, make sure you have all your ingredients on hand.  You can also consider pre-cutting vegetables and measuring out ingredients ahead of time shave some time of your cooking time and it keeps you feeling prepared and ready to tackle your healthy recipe.


QUALITY MATTERS. Using quality ingredients definitely reflect in the quality and taste or your healthy meal.  For example , a ripe, summer tomato can practically stand alone on the plate and can be dressed up with some fresh basil, olive oil and sea salt. Take the same preparation using a tomato that isn’t ripe or in season, and the results will be very different. The more flavorful and fresh the ingredients, the less work you have to do!